Rebill for startups

Take your payment process to the
next level

To scale your business, you need to optimize time and resources with a platform that simplifies and automates your collection management.

Why is Rebill the solution that your startup needs?

Why is Rebill the solution that your startup needs?

Automate your payments and subscriptions, optimizing your team's time and saving on development and integration costs.
Prepare your organization to sell on a large scale, with a platform adaptable to a variety of use cases and billing scenarios.
Pricing and subscription plans tailored to what your organization and your customers need.
Simple and friendly experience for your customers, both to pay and to modify their payment method or subscription plan.
Optimize your time and money

Time matters

And even more so for a startup! Rebill solves everything related to your payment and subscription management, without the need for expensive integrations.
Upload your products and also define your prices, subscription plans, payment frequency and sell all over Latam with Stripe, Mercado Pago, and dLocal.
Serving your growth

A world of opportunities for your startup

A world of opportunities for your startup

With Rebill's solutions...
Zero IT effort
It works instantly and even without the need for integration, saving time and money.
Increase your revenue without extra work for your team. Sell abroad with more than one payment gateway, expanding payment options for your customers.
Convert and build loyalty
The experience of your first customers is important: With a ready-to-use checkout landing and a 100% customizable customer portal, you will improve your conversion and user retention.

Measure, optimize and grow

Get the information you need to make the best business decisions.

With our live reports, see the right metric at the exact moment you need it, and export te information you want...
  • How are your products/subscriptions performing?
  • How much have you grown recently?
  • Which new customers bought or subscribed?
  • How many of them canceled their subscriptions?

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