Rebill for growth

A payment platform that accompanies your growth

Rebill gives you a flexible collections tool to grow at scale, adaptable to ever-changing and evolving business models.

Why is Rebill the solution that you need in order to grow?

Why is Rebill the solution that you need in order to grow?

Unify all your collections with a platform that can manage one-time payments, installments and subscriptions, all tailored to your business needs.
Flexible payment models that allow, for example, to modify and customize your subscriptions pricing (without the need for a cancellation).
Track and manage all your franchises or subsidiaries from a single dashboard, while keeping an eye on the big picture.
Instant and 100% personalized support for your company. Our team works at the service of your growth.

Your business is growing, do you have a suitable payment platform?

Over time, your team grows – as well as your income – and your business model evolves. But there's one thing that shouldn't change: A payment platform that adapts to any billing model or scenario.
Add products, subscription plans, fees, payment methods and everything you need to sell on a large scale, automating your collections with Rebill.
To continue growing!

An ally for your growth

An ally for your growth

What other benefits does Rebill provide to an expanding business?
Revenue predictability
Avoid the “chaos” that quick growth generates: By offering subscriptions, with a more stable customer base, planning your revenue and growth will be easier.
Useful integrations
Rebill integrates with all the systems a growing company needs: CRM, ERP, accounting, management systems, etc.
To grow on a large scale, constant measurement and analysis are vital: you don't need to leave Rebill to view, analyze and export the most relevant metrics related to your collections.

Simple solutions for complex organizations

As your company grows and expands regionally, its structure becomes more complex. What if we tell you that you can grow without limits and without impacting the management and tracking of all your collections?
Have complete control and visibility over your payments and revenue, both in your “parent” account (general organization) and “offspring” accounts (franchises, subsidiaries or business areas).

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