Rebill for e-commerce

Simplify and accelerate your
e-commerce growth

Accept payments easily throughout the region, reducing friction and optimizing the conversion and approval rate of your e-commerce business.

Why is Rebill the solution that your e-commerce needs?

Why is Rebill the solution that your e-commerce needs?

Recieve payments for your one-time sales, offer installments, subscriptions or even allow your customers to combine all these options in one cart.
Sell across the region with Stripe, Mercado Pago and dLocal, reaching more markets and customers.
Improve your payment approval rate by charging with main payment gateways and methods in Latin America.
We integrate quickly and securely with the e-commerce tools your company uses: VTEX, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Prestashop.
Regional payment gateways

Latam is closer than ever

Have you thought about scaling your e-commerce business? Integrate Rebill in simple steps and start charging regionally with more than one payment gateway (Mercado Pago, dLocal, and Stripe).
While you optimize your stock and logistic channels, Rebill takes care of the rest.
Have you thought about expanding your e-commerce business? Integrate Rebill in simple steps and start charging regionally with more than one payment gateway (Mercado Pago, dLocal, and Stripe).
Flexible options

All payment options in one place

All payment options in one place

Rebill adapts to your business model, providing more options for your customers.
One-time sale payments
Receive payments for the products you sell. In addition, by charging with more than one payment gateway, your customers can choose from various payment options, which will increase your conversion rate.
Providing financing alternatives to your customers will be another big boost to increase your sales. Are you looking to offer subscriptions as well? You can also do it with Rebill.
Flexible shopping cart
Your customers can combine all these options in the same cart, simplifying their experience and, consequently, boosting the sales of your online business.
In simple steps...

Begin to offer subscriptions

The subscription business gives you endless benefits, such as increased revenue predictability and a customer retention rate of up to 65% after one year. Have you thought about trying it?
Rebill makes this migration easy by allowing you to create and manage subscription plans tailored to your business, at the payment frequency you want.
Case Study

Biury increased its sales x10 with Rebill tools, automating large-scale payments

Camila Velez is the CEO of Biury, a platform that sells mystery boxes of skincare and beauty products, offering subscriptions throughout Colombia.

With Rebill, they increased their sales x10 by automating large-scale payment processes, also recovering 55% of their failed payments.

"When the involuntary churn rate in the industry is 20%, with Rebill tools we were able to reduce it to less than 9%."

We continue to accompany our customers at every step of their growth.

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