How Psi Mammoliti retained 30% of its customers by charging in local currency in Argentina

With Rebill, this online psychology portal was able – with any technological effort – to boost its growth and customer retention, while also improving the experience and online payment tracking of its sessions.
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How can you process and automate large-scale payments in Argentina and receive these funds simply and safely in the United States? For an online psychology & mental health portal like Psi Mammoliti, this milestone meant retaining 30% of its total customers, with a direct impact on its business growth and revenue.

You probably know Psi Mammoliti from its podcast "Psicología al Desnudo”, hosted by its Director Marina Mammoliti, one of the most listened to in Argentina and, for this company, its main customer acquisition channel.

The expansion of its online sessions – with more than 100 psychologists – all over the world (they have customers on 5 continents), along with the success of the podcast, required many new measures and tools for this company:

  • How did they manage to retain their customers in Argentina by charging in local currency and accepting their preferred payment methods?
  • How did they improve their collection flow with unique payment links for each session, each one connected to a no-code checkout landing?
  • How did they automate the tracking of these payments, eradicating manual work of between 3 and 5 hours per day?

Furthermore, how did they achieve all of these goals in just one month, after spending between 3 and 6 months trying to integrate other platforms?

The answer: Rebill is the all-in-one platform for payment and subscription billing management & automation that simplifies and accelerates your business growth, and Psi Mammoliti is not an exception.

Learn about their success story...

Step 1: charge in local currency in Argentina

Psi Mammoliti faced a big challenge: charging in local currency and offering domestic payment methods in a market where, despite its expansion (it’s one of the 3 largest in Latam), no more than 15% of its inhabitants would pay for a therapy session in USD, according to company's estimates.

Having taken note of this, accepting payments in Argentine pesos became the central focus, but at the same time – for growth and gaining valuable time to market – time is tight. How did Psi Mammoliti manage to retain its customers and "seduce" Argentine customers?

Manuel Fernandez, one of its Founders, explained:

"When the scale of our collections increased, our main challenge was to migrate to a more solid structure. With Rebill, in just one month, we were able to start charging in local currency in Argentina, which allowed us to retain our customers in this country".

Today, local currency collections in Argentina are no longer a problem for Psi Mammoliti, and the acceptance of local payment methods – by easily integrating with dLocal – allowed them to increase their conversion by 20% and their reach in this market by more than 400%, reaching new potential customers who, without these options at their disposal, wouldn’t be willing to pay for this service.

Thus, the first major challenge was resolved: charging in local currency and increasing their coverage of payment methods in one of the leading Latin American markets, easily receiving these funds in USD in the United States.

Step 2: create the best payment experience, without technological efforts

Psi Mammoliti offers individual online therapy sessions and also packs of sessions – paid in advance – which, in the midst of high demand (with customers all over the world), requires a simple and frictionless payment experience.

How did Rebill simplify this management on "both sides of the desk"? Let’s take a look at their payment flow:

1. Creation of no-code checkout landings in simple clicks from the Rebill platform, choosing the price and currency that corresponds to each client (according to the session or pack purchased, and considering their country).

2. Payment links are automatically generated and sent via email to the customers, who will enter their personal information and payment method, and – in a simple and intuitive landing page – complete the purchase in a matter of seconds.

In this way, with a unique payment link for each session, they managed to build a payment experience that meets the needs of their customers – and also themselves –, while not incurring extra development costs or technological efforts.

Learn the entire process of creating a product and a price with Rebill, configuring different checkout landings and links:

In addition, you can find other practical tips to optimize your checkout landings and increase your conversion rate: How to increase your sales and conversion with simple, intuitive, and successful checkout landings?

Step 3: automatic payment tracking (without manual tasks)

Another major challenge was the traceability of their transactions, an extra effort they used to face: by manually registering each payment, this task could take them between 2 and 5 hours to know, for example, which sessions were successfully paid and which were unpaid

How did Rebill allow them to automate this process, eliminating manual tasks? Manuel Fernandez (Co-Founder) explains it in detail:

"When a payment is made, we receive an immediate alert that allows us to identify which session it belongs to. In addition, by an API integration, we can obtain all the necessary information to automatically mark that session as paid".

In this way, Psi Mammoliti enjoys the benefits of automatic payment conciliation via Appointment ID, a simple integration that Rebill allows you to perform, with a specific purpose: to automate the tracking and traceability of all your payments, streamlining internal processes in your company.

Psi Mammoliti: an online psychology & mental health portal without limits or borders

In this way, Psi Mammoliti, side by side with Rebill, achieved...

  • Retaining 30% of its customers by automatically charging in local currency in Argentina, massively accepting the most popular payment methods in this country, and boosting the conversion and reach of its business in one of the top markets in Latin America.
  • Improving the payment experience of its customers with checkout landings and links generated in just a few clicks. Additionally, with API integrations, they obtain precise and detailed tracking of the payment of each session payment, without manual tasks.
  • Gain time to market by implementing these solutions in just one month, without technological efforts and, consequently, being able to focus on the really important decisions, such as their business growth and the mission that Marina Mammoliti (Director) describes below:
"At Psi Mammoliti, we want you to be able to access our services from anywhere in the world. That's why Rebill is a great solution for us".

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Nicolas Scannone
Head of Content at Rebill
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